Mike Soto - I Keep Falling

Black Kettle - The King and All His Horses

WillArd - All We Had

Vanessa Collie - Honey Up

Sam Mordecai - You Don't Remind Me

Adam Corneal - I Don't Care

Nini and Ben - Silent Waters

Jessica Oh - I Hate

Vilette Dell'Acqua - Sinking Sands

Federico Abelo - What Will Tomorrow Dream

Haneri (Daphne Koo) - I Know What You're Doing Tonight

Idun Nicoline Forfang - Till the Morning Comes

Mark Cutler - Suffering

Trinity - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

(Neil Young)

The Multiple Shorts - Commercial

The Doghouse Roses - Swagger

Frederick Lewis DeAngelis - Turning Tide

Frederick Lewis DeAngelis - I Remember You

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