Students at all levels are welcome. Lessons are offered in the studio and online. Ask about the 'In Clubs In Six Months' guarantee.

Please include any specific requirements you have in your request and indicate whether you are interested in in-studio or online lessons. Note that online lessons will require you to have a computer and internet access.

I am a Berklee College of Music alumnus with over 35 years experience, and founder of the Homegrown Music Seminars group education program. I have developed proven fast track curricula for the following music genres and focuses:

My publications include:



Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Acoustic/Folk

Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Walking and Slap Bass Guitar

Jazz Improvisation and Chord Comping

Scales and Modes, Chord Forms, and Alternate Tunings

Music Theory, Harmony, and Re-harmonization Techniques

Fingerstyle and Chord Solo Arrangement Development


Music Production

Pro Tools and Logic Pro


‘I have been a guitar teacher for more than thirty five years and working with Fred has given me fresh insight on the teaching and learning process. I highly recommend Fred to new beginners and seasoned professionals alike.’

Joe Caron, Barrington, RI

‘Fred is a great teacher. His knowledge of music theory is absolutely amazing. Fred is very patient and seems to enjoy educating people.’

Brian DeFusco, Bristol, RI

‘Fred's knowledge combined with his personality make taking lessons from him perfect for anyone at any skill level. He has a way of presenting information that makes it easy to understand. One only needs to listen to him play to know he knows what he is teaching. I highly recommend Fred to anyone.’

Rick Lawson, E. Riverside, RI

‘Fred is as patient as he is talented. He takes the time to explain the lesson as well as teaching it. He applied the lessons to music/songs that I was familiar with making the learning experience much easier and enjoyable.’

William Hurley, Riverside, RI


‘Everybody learns differently. I've developed structured curricula and materials for each of the programs I teach. Recognizing the strengths of each student I customize these to most effectively leverage their abilities and meet their individual goals. Lessons and learning are fun, and results are measurable.’

‘Being able to create music is its own reward. It would be great if we could all write hit songs and make huge sums of money but at the end of the day what really matters is being happy. Music provides opportunities to distance yourself from the pressures of the day, to feel inspired, to create, to achieve, and to build camaraderie.’

Contact Information

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Essential Pentatonics for Songwriting and Improvisation

Essential Chords for Songwriting and Performance

Jazz Improvisation Jumpstart

Essential Jamming Skills for The Blues and Blues Rock

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