Deep Meadow Farm Audio Recording and Mastering provides comprehensive music production services including recording, mixing, mastering, audio repair and restoration, and audio post production. The facility includes state-of-the art technologies as well as sought after vintage gear. The recording space was purpose-built to deliver accurate acoustics for unimpeded recordings. I can assist with songwriting, arranging, vocal production, and helping you deliver your best performance. My mission is to capture your true artistry, elevate its emotional impact, and deliver it as a professionally competitive product.

Grammy winner Prince Charles Alexander

      Mary J. Blige

      Alicia Keys

      Sting, Usher

      Aretha Franklin

Matthew Ellard


      Paul McCartney

      Elton John

      Michael Jackson

      Ozzy Osbourne

AES president & Grammy nominated Jonathan Wyner     

      David Bowie

      Bruce Springsteen

      James Taylor


      Miles Davis

      Pink Floyd

      Frank Zappa

Mark Wessel





      Paramount Pictures


Deep Meadow Farm


My tireless passion for this art form allows me to create truly inspiring results that I guarantee you will love regardless of your budget or the size of your project. Additionally I have a network of world class vocalists and instrumentalists available to support any genre if your project requires session musicians. I invite you to visit the studio, listen to some of my work, and schedule time to discuss your next recording project.

I am constantly re-tooling and updating my skills and equipment, and I maintain advanced certificates in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Music Production and Engineering, Dante, and cloud technologies. I've also studied under world renown industry leaders including:

Apple computers

Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and LUNA DAWs

Apogee and Universal Audio interfaces

Avalon and Cloud preamps

Neumann, Sennheiser, Bock, Royer, Mojave, Audio-Technica, Audix, and Shure microphones

Focal and Yamaha monitors

Universal Audio Unison technology (16 channels, 12 cores)

Plug-ins from UAD, Izotope, Soundtoys, FabFilter, Waves and others

Slate Digital Trigger drum replacement

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 MIDI Controller

Native Instruments Komplete Production Suite

Sample libraries from Native Instruments, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire, CineSamples, Cinematic Studios and others

Celemony Melodyne pitch and time correction

Synchro Arts VocALign audio alignment

Izotope RX and Steinberg SpectraLayers spectral editing

Sonarworks Reference acoustic calibration

Mogami cables

Vintage and boutique guitar/bass amps from Fender, Tone King, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, Vox, and Epifani

Included below is a brief list of some of the technologies and gear I use. Please note that these are always being added to and/or upgraded. For a more comprehensive, up-to-date list please contact me directly.